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Djablo, LLC

Djablo, LLC
In A Few Words
Djablo Sauce is the first locally produced, small batch Filipino hot sauce in the United States.

Filipino food is generally marinated in a signature base of ingredients of ginger, garlic and vinegar and we are proud to represent those unique Filipino flavors in one bottle. We are committed to inspire and empower all people to pack a punch in their lives to create a positive, spicy impact on the world no matter where you go or what you do.

Our zesty ginger and garlic forward sauce that packs a punch with round, comforting heat is the answer to the ingredient focused millennial searching the shelves of their local grocery shop to make any food more interesting.

Owner's Story
My father came up with this recipe as a music student trying to connect his cultural flavors in his new home when he first arrived in New York City to study music in the 1970s with just $25 in his pocket. When my husband and I got married in 2016, we handed out 300 bottles of my father's recipe as our party favor to our guests and were inundated with requests to sell it. The owner of a hot sauce tasting room in Brooklyn got his hands on a bottle and reached out to us letting us know that he had never tried anything like it and gave us resources to start our company in 2019; since then we have expanded to be sold in 7 locations in the New York area, and are distributed nationwide.
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