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Pincushion Pinups

Pincushion Pinups
In A Few Words
Pinups and needleworks inspired by fantasy, goth culture, and all things spooky.

My art is inspired by classic pinups, goth culture, and all things spooky. I've recently begun selling my paintings and needleworks at art markets and craft shows while working as a freelance costume designer. I paint and draw beautiful women and mermaids as a reclamation of female empowerment. I'm also inspired by the death-positive movement and goth culture and incorporate motifs (skulls, bats, ghosts, etc.) into many of my pieces.

Owner's Story
I've been a costume designer and wardrobe supervisor in NYC for over 10 years and during the pandemic when entertainment was on hiatus, I started my art business. Drawing and painting has been part of my happy practice my whole life, and I started incorporating needlework as well since I love to create with my hands. I channel most of my creative energy into my art that I now get to sell at numerous markets around the country!
  • Pincushion Pinups
  • Pincushion Pinups