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Chef Method

Chef Method
In A Few Words
We make freshly ground, all natural, low sodium, seasonings with no preservatives to help people become more confident in cooking at home.

We're a gourmet seasoning company that has the ability to inspire home cooks to get creative in the kitchen and make delicious meals from scratch. We freshly grind our seasonings and make blends that are 100% herbs and spices that can be added to whatever dish it is that your cooking. They are very versatile and help people make their own recipes rather than following someone else’s.

Owner's Story
I started my business by a lot of experimenting in my home kitchen with seasoning recipes. Once I developed about 8-10 blends I found a commissary kitchen in queens called The Entrepreneur Space and they helped me get my business off the ground.
Their Work With MiQ
Chef Method uses our Entrepreneur Space kitchen.
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  • Chef Method
  • Chef Method
  • Chef Method