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Blissful Flavour

Blissful Flavour
In A Few Words
Authentic mouthwatering Caribbean Cuisine and thirst-quenching beverages!

Blissful Flavour is a mobile Caribbean Cuisine business that serve the Rockaways and the surrounding areas. Located in the heart of the Rockaways and offer a menu of delectable dishes and tropical flavored beverages. Blissful Flavour's focus is not only cuisine and beverage, it also offers a Tropical Vibe dining experience which appeal to the senses.

  • The taste of authentic Caribbean Flavor
  • The smell of the Ocean Air
  • The sound tropical music along with the sound of the ocean waves
  • The sight of the exotic tropical decor (yes I do have palm trees and hibiscus) :)
  • The nostalgic feeling of a Caribbean Vibe
Owner's Story

I learned how to make all these delicious dishes home cooking with my Trinidadian parents

  • Blissful Flavour
  • Blissful Flavour