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Calm City

Calm City
In A Few Words
We empower people to create a happier, healthier world.

Calm City delivers meditation and wellness programs virtually and on-site to your office, school, or event. Explore self-discovery, self-growth, and compassion through products and services with Calm City.

Calm City is New York's first mobile meditation studio. MyndSet is our new product created in partnership with BuddhaBooth. MyndSet is a quarterly subscription-based collection of self-care items and tools to promote a mindfulness practice. MyndSet includes access to guided meditations and an online community. You can find the collection at myndsetting.com

Owner's Story
When the pandemic threw both of our experienced-based businesses a curve ball, my friend Francine Steadman and I created MyndSet. We created MyndSet understanding that the benefits of developing mindfulness practices are key to managing stress and anxiety particularly in a world of a pandemic, and economic, instability.