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Bath, Body, and Wellness

Callio Fragrance
A line of everyday fragrances inspired by scents such as fresh flowers, the aroma of a delicious treat from your local bakery, the whiff of an ocean breeze, and the fragrance of just picked peaches.
Calm City
We empower people to create a happier, healthier world.
Honey & Cocoa
I handcraft small batch, cruelty free, organic sugar scrubs, lip balms, skin salves, moisturizers and my favorite – luxurious natural soaps!
Kon Incense
Plant-based, handcrafted cone incense with refillable & reusable containers and subscription service.
La Strega Buona Aromatherapy
Organic, handmade products with thoughtful regard for the environment. We cater to the needs of individuals, blending specialty products with detailed consultations.
Lavender Works
We are a not for profit that endeavors to create high-quality lavender products in Queens with lower functioning individuals on the autism spectrum.
Melati Bath & Body
We create natural, vegan, organic bath + body products for curious minds to enjoy while traveling and at home.
Tickle your senses with fresh food for your skin. Luxurious, natural soaps made the old fashion way, using only premium, food-grade plant oils. Have fun, don’t take bathtime soap seriously.