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Baked by Noon Granola

Baked by Noon Granola
In A Few Words
Crunchy, flavor-packed granola clusters that can be eaten as an anytime, energy-boosting and nourishing snack

Baked by Noon Granola is crunchy, clustery, flavorful, wholesome, healthful, gluten free, vegan, fairly priced and easy to eat. It is also small-batch produced which enables them to insist upon and maintain quality, freshness and great taste. There is a wealth of information that consumer food purchasing decisions are increasingly being driven by these factors and as such, they believe that they have a value differentiated product and a unique selling proposition.

Owner's Story

The origin of the business started from a desire by our recipe alchemist, Noon, to make perfect granola for her partner, Matthew. As a daily granola eater, Matthew had been searching for a product that checked all his criteria for the ideal granola mix but had been less than satisfied with what was available on the market. Recognizing this gap as both a business opportunity and personal challenge, Noon applied her passion and baking skills to come up with a delicious and healthful granola. Three months and countless batches later, Baked by Noon was born!

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