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A Hole In None

A Hole In None
In A Few Words
We offer a quick, hassle-free solution for when you have your mind set on wearing a certain top, but the shirt has a small hole in it and you need to get out the door quickly.

Conventional methods to mend a small t-shirt hole include an iron-on patch, sewing, or nail polish - none of which are conducive to getting out the door quickly. Our stick-on patches are quick and easy to apply. More importantly, they require no ironing, sewing, or nail polish!

We give time and peace of mind back to the average busy individual by providing a quick, hassle-free solution to clothing repairs.

Owner's Story

A few years ago, I accidentally ripped a tiny hole smack-dab in the middle of the butt cheek on one of my pairs of yoga pants. The torn yoga pants sat at the bottom of my drawer for months because I did not want to take the time to sew them and knew that an iron-on patch would create a raised spot on my butt cheek. I really wanted to wear the pants one day and so I took a Post-It note, colored in a 1" black circle, and stuck the Post-It note on the inside of my pants over the hole - the black coloring facing outward. This was the first of many prototypes. What we ended up with is sort of similar to a Band-Aid Tru-Stay Clear Spot without the raised hump in the middle. After trying out the refined prototype in various settings, we concluded that the patches are not a great solution if you have a small hole in the butt of your pants. However, the patches work beautifully if you've accidentally torn a small hole in a t-shirt or blouse. At least half of our sales to date have been from male purchasers, which is interesting to see as the creator since the product was originally designed to help primarily female yoga-pants wearers.

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